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About BliBra

Your therapist at BliBra works with a painless low-force technique to balance your central nervous system. With the help of an electric hand-held device, and also through kinesiology, the therapist scans your body for interferences and stress in the nervous system, and works to improve the flow – without discomfort for you.

Get started today – get your body in balance and feel better!

BliBra helps you to a healthy body free from interferences and nerve stress.

A healthy nervous system is important because it is the nerves that control your body by transmitting information between your brain and your muscles. The muscular system performs infinitely many movements in order to enable your legs to walk, your heart to beat, your eyes to focus, your food to be digested and so on. 

This is some of the problems my clients come to have corrected:

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Back and hip problems
  • Arthritis
  • Allergy, such as pollen or food allergy
  • Migraine and headache
  • Ailments related to menopause
  • Loss of energy
  • Inexplainable body discomfort

Your BliBra-therapist is trained to find small and large disturbances in your nervous system. Interferences may occur as a result of stress, emotional pain, an injury or an infection, or an overload of chemical compounds or heavy metals in your body. It can occur anytime and anywhere in the body, regardless of your age. Such a disturbance is usually painless where it occurs, but it may affect your body’s ability to function normally.

Your BliBra-therapist

At BliBra you will receive treatment by nerve- and muscle therapist Kyrre Fageraas. He is educated in the US and his mentor is Doctor of Chiropractic Carl H. Jelstrup. Dr. Jelstrup is a cranial-sacral specialist and electro medicine practitioner in Seattle.

Your BliBra-therapist Kyrre Fageraas is certified to practice the Koren Specific Technique, Nutritional Response testing, Bio-Kinetics, the Morphogenic Field Technique, the MyoKinesthetic System, the Jennetics Brain Adjustment System of Chiropractic, to use the Jennetics Radiation Detector (JRD), and the Jennetics Longitudinal Axial Traction System.